Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Is 2013 all about period chic? Downton Abbey's costume's influence the DO's of the fashion world

After a truly patriotic year, the British should be proud to call themselves so as the thrall and excitement of Britain's 2012 year has hit the fashion runway.
Yes general public, the top designers (Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, and the superb Louis Vuitton) in the world have blown their catwalk viewers minds with the latest spin of ideas influencing their clothes and accessories for their autumn/spring collections of 2012/2013. None other than leading period drama, Downton Abbey, which won over our hearts with the love and struggles of Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Crawley's relationship ever since the 1st series back in September 2010. As an adoring nation of period programmes, it was surely only a matter of time before the artistic creations of the Edwardian times entered our fashion industry.

Long gloves, silk and embellishments were common for the time.
This is now reflected in the clothes of the 21st century.
The most recent upcoming collections have used some interesting and truly accurate, yet with a slightly more modern twist, on the old period pieces of the day as would have been worn by the very best and wealthiest count and countess. The classic materials involving tweed, wool, lace and frills accompanied jackets, coats and long, slim pleated skirts of which would have covered most 'revealing female' body parts.

However, men's fashion is also booming in the style stakes with the latest shows sporting males dressed in tweed hunter jackets paired with the classic take on the common rifle (casual accessories of the modern 21st century) and sporting flat caps where there luscious locks hang preened and shaped underneath.) The Burberry show donned some wonderful outfits with spotty ties, pea coats, smart brogues and a dazzling umbrella to take the sophisticated man into the 'all to normal wet English weather'.

Amongst the rise in period drama costumes, the idea of butlers 'escorting you with your luggage' to your destination aims the most intriguing part of the fashion shows with top designers playing largely upon the 'Claridges' meets 'high end London aristocrats of the Edwardian period'. The mix of the old and the new certainly created a feast for the fashion elite's eyes and made one heck of a story for those keen, eager reporters.
Lets hope that Downton keeps on inspiring the fellow decades. That way the story of Downton can live on.

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