Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Simplicity is the key for 2013

Simplicity for spring/ summer 2013

There never has been an easier time to feel and look great than during 2013. For women across the globe, the key to looking fabulous lies in the hands of a simple appliance of makeup and keeping everything to a minimum (ladies we need to still appear chic... lets not scare people away by overgrowing our lady 'brows' or hibernating those legs.)

As the clock struck 12 and brought in a new year, designers gathered upon their white wagons and horses to glide off into the sunset bringing simple pieces to the head of their runways. You better believe it ladies, cause fashion just got simple for once!
From quick pins up (top knots are now key in the world of fashion hair do's) as well as simple accessories right down to the bare minimum of make up. Don't fear though, the big, bold, defined yet different' look of the 60's is also back with a vengeance (follow the tips of Twiggy for the prefect 60's look.)  Fashion has finally come in to its own and banished the glad ragged ladies who were dolling themselves up with far too much makeup that they actually became caked in it.

My personal favourite of the 'simplicity era' is the classic take on a once well known 'bun', the topknot. The days of dead straight, lanky and over heated hair has vanished, and women are seeing themselves injecting life and certainly lift into their daily hair do's, with a quick 'I'm running late for work' throw up (but now the 'throw up' meets 'effortless chic' has just become a whole new version of sexy.)
Paul smith

Fashion has expanded into many different styles of 'hair fix ups', with braids becoming hugely popular (learn how to braid in every different way for a new slick feel to spring/ summer 2013. It can be perfect for that cute pin up with out the added hassle of being perfect), along with slick 'gel backed hair' (you didn't think you'd see that style too soon did u?) and the loose, easy to put together, low slung ponytail, which is situated at the base of the neck on mostly all the runway shows. The idea that no extra fuss is made is what has added an exciting spin to all the designers looks, because now we, as the audience, the fashion lovers and the dreamers, can concentrate solely on the extraordinary amazing pieces of art that they produce. After all that's the sole purpose of a fashion show right!?
Jason Wu


BUT it's not just hair that has had the reinvention... makeup is becoming simpler with less fuss needed. :)  Now it's your excuse to spend more time in that warm toasty bed with a cuppa than spending the added half an hour on your 'perfect' makeup which has to last you all day. As spring/ summer trends hit the catwalks from London to Milan and New York, seen amongst the great such as Valentino. Alexander Mcqueen, Chanel and our iconic pure British heritage designer Victoria Beckham. So now you've heard the good news, run out to your local boots or for those who have that added money check out the personal stalls in the heart of London's Selfridges or Harrods.... Minimal is back and has never been so easy.

My favourite products consist of:
Maxfactor's face finity 3 in 1 foundation (this can be really natural as long as it is not PLASTERED on. keep it simple and add like layers, either using a chunky makeup brush or your fingers. Either way should achieve an even coverage. See the website for more help:

*Note: Ask for help in places like boots if you find it difficult knowing your skin tone. I'm an ivory skin tone because I have such pale fair skin but the most important thing is to get it correct for you. No one wants to look like an oompa loompa.

Max factor face finity 3 in 1 in Warm Almond

A lovely moisturiser to use would be Clinique's or if your like me you borrow your mum's expensive Liz Earle products. This woman is a god as she has quite literally made all her products using the purest flowers and fruits with no added chemicals. Check out her 'Skin repair moisturiser  or the 'Superskin moisturiser'  She has also just set up a makeup range which speak's volume's,minus the absolutely extravagant prices that come with Chanel and Dior's products.

Liz earle website:
Skin repair moisturiser

Superskin moisturiser

All hail Spring/Summer 2013.